House Rules

1       Payment Terms & Conditions


1.1     Membership Subscription of Nestor Living


1.1.1    Moving In

You will be asked to fill up a form provided by Nestor Living, a valid Government ID, Reference Person, their Name, Number & a Valid Government ID of the Reference person. The time at which the coliving property is ready for check-in. The key/code will only be provided if the full Subscription fee has been paid in accordance with the Booking Conditions (see 1.2) and upon presentation of the Booking Details and a valid Government ID.

1.1.2    Room Type

You acknowledge that you are booking a room/bed by type, not a specific unit. Following the booking, the Community Manager will place you in a specific unit based on information gathered in the booking process. Once in residence, they reserve the right to reassign you to a different unit should they deem it necessary or appropriate, solely at their discretion.


1.2     Booking & Subscription Fee Conditions


1.2.1    Booking Process

A Registration Form for new members are provided, here you would need to fill in information that are required by the Local Municipality Authorities. You will be asked to provide a valid Government ID, a reference person’s name, number & a valid government ID of the reference person.

After Nestor living is provided with the Membership Form & Valid Documents, a Booking Fee; Nestor will take 3 (Three) Working days to confirm the booking only after your Security Deposit is cleared fully. When your payment is accepted for a room or bed & the validation of the information provided by you during initiation of the booking, the booking shall be “confirmed” and binding after the 3 Working Days of Verification period.

1.2.2    Booking Fee

The Security deposit is called the Initial Entry Fees and are payable by the Member when the booking is accepted. When your full payment is accepted for a room or bed & the validation of the information provided by you during initiation of the booking, the booking shall be “confirmed” and binding after 3 (three) working days.

1.2.3    Security Deposit

As part of these Booking Terms, Nestor will request you to agree to a Security Deposit at the booking time. This will be clearly stated on the Registration Form. Your Full Security Deposit must be paid within 3 working days of clearance your booking documents & fee.

If Nestor Living finds damages or missing inventory/furniture/appliances within 24 hours of check-out period and provides evidence, you agree that Nestor Living may charge your security deposit account an amount up to the maximum amount of the Security Deposit. If Nestor Living cannot charge your payment card, you agree to make payment via other means within seven days. If Nestor has made no claim, your Security Deposit will be paid back to the payment method it was paid from, or other ways agreed, within 7 workdays.

1.2.4    Month To Month Stay

This Agreement is automatically renewed on a month-to-month basis until cancelled by any of the Parties with 30 days’ notice*, with no reason needed, unless agreed differently in the Booking Details. Monthly rent payment is due 7 days before the beginning of each rental period. If unable to complete the payment a Flexi-Pay System is in place for your convenience. You will be subject to legal eviction proceedings and will continue to be responsible for payment plus any potential fees you may owe.
If you are asked to leave the property because of non-payment your security deposit may be withheld to compensate for lost income.

1.2.5    Subscription Fee

The Subscription Fee of the Rooms/Beds for each month of the year are as follows:

  • SDR (Standard Common Room): ৳ 6300/-
  • CDR (Classic Double Room): ৳ 6900/-
  • BSR (Basic Single Room): ৳ 7500/-
  • CSR (Classic Single Room): ৳ 9500/-
  • PSR (Premium Single Room): ৳ 12500/-

The subscription Fee or Rent is due and payable to Nestor Living on or before the 7th calendar day of each month. Nestor Living will accept payments only in Cash or bKash or Bank Transaction. With prior approval by Nestor’s Community Manager, a different payment schedule can be arranged as per Flexi-pay (1.2.5)




1.2.5    Flexi Pay

Flexible Payment Mechanism or Flexi-Pay can be availed by members who are facing short-term cash crisis. People who have trouble paying the Fee by the 7th day can request a Flexi-Pay Schedule, whereas a member can pay the Fee in 2 Installments. The First (1st) Installment must be paid by the 10th of each month, and the Second (2nd) Installment can be settled between the 20th day and the last day of the running month. However, members will bear an additional charge if they choose to be under this scheme.

Flexi-Pay Schedules are outlined below:   

  • Standard Double Room (SDR) – 3,300 TK in 2 Installments  
  • Classic Double Room (CDR) – 3,600 TK in 2 Installments  
  • Budget Single Room (BSR) – ৳ 4000/- in 2 Installments   
  • Classic Single Room (CSR) – ৳ 5000/- in 2 Installments   
  • Premium Single Room (PSR) – ৳ 6500/- in 2 Installments   


1.2.6    Late Payment (Flexi-Pay) & its Terms


If members can’t pay the Subscription Fee in time, they must abide & clear Fees by the Flexi-pay Schedule outlined above. If a member fails to pay the Subscription Fee by 7th or doesn’t clear the 1st Installment of Flexi-pay Schedule by 10th, you will be subject to legal eviction proceedings and will continue to be responsible for payment plus any potential fees you may owe. The Membership Revocation Letter will be handed to the defaulting member on the 11th Day of the month, it will be effective from the 1st Day of the next month. If you are asked to leave the property because of non-payment your security deposit may be withheld to compensate for lost income.

1.2.7    Special Considerations

If a member with long standing relation with Nestor has difficulty in providing the subscription fee even through Flexi-pay mentioned through (section 1.2.5 & section 1.2.6). They can ask for a Late Payment Application from the Community Manager; the application is to be filled with all the details mentioned in the application and submitted to the Accounts & Admin via the Community Manager. The application will be reviewed by the Accounts & Admin, and later will disclose the discussion on the application. If the application is declined, the Member will be subjected to the conditions mentioned in (section 1.2.5, 1.3.2 & 1.3.7)




1.2.8    Parking & Other charges

Parking for your Bicycle & Motorbikes are available for a cost of ৳ 500/-

It may be possible to order optional services from Nestor. If you place an order for optional services, e.g., a bicycle, airport transfers, or dedicated office space, directly with Nestor Living or via third party vendor, you may be charged an additional amount which should be settled directly with Nestor. While Nestor Living provides a facility for you to order optional services from third party Vendors, we are not a party to any agreement for these optional services.

1.3     Cancellations & Refund


1.3.1    Cancellation Terms

The Cancellation Terms, including your entitlement to a refund when canceling your booking, form part of these Terms and Conditions.

1.3.2    Cancelling Your Booking

The cancellation terms determine your right to a refund when canceling your booking. If any, the refund amount you are entitled to may be based upon submitting your cancellation at 24 hours after booking. The check-in time is taken to be the earliest check-in time as specified on Booking Details regardless of whether you have agreed another check-in time with Nestor, and the check-in time zone is the time zone of the Property and not the time zone in which you reside. If you are entitled to receive a full or partial refund, Nestor Living will send your refund to the same payment method you used to pay for your booking. Refunds are processed within 72 hours of cancellation and may take 5-10 weekdays to reach your account.

1.3.3    Departure

During departure, please inform the Community Manager if you wish to retain your room beyond the time scheduled. The extension will be given depending on the availability. If the room is available, the normal charges will be applied. On failure of the Member to vacate the room on expiry or period the management shall have the right to remove the Member and his/her belongings from the room occupied by the Member.

1.3.4    Cancellation by Nestor

If Nestor cancels your Booking, you will receive a full refund or similar or better accommodation at Nestor’s’ discretion. Refunds are processed within 72 hours of cancellation and may take 7-10 weekdays to reach your account




1.3.5    Immediate termination by Nestor

The actions mentioned in Member Guidelines (2.3) may result in immediate termination of this Agreement. (Is nonrefundable)


1.3.6    Cancellation By Member

If a member needs to leave Nestor, they are required to fill the Member Leave application and submit the form to the Community Manager at least 45 days before the decided date of departure. That means if you want to leave on November 30, you have to apply for Cancellation of Membership by September of 15th to our Community Manager. If for any reason the member decides to cancel his departure, please refer to (1.3.3.)

1.3.7    Security Money Refund during Departure

During departure of the member after complying with the conditions in section (1.3.6)

A member’s Security deposit which was done in liaison with section (1.2.3) will be subjected refund on the following month of the departure. For, example if a member has filled the leave application form according to section (1.3.6) and it is accepted by the community manager & will departure on the end of the upcoming month. The member need not pay the subscription for the month as the Security money will be adjusted according to (1.2.3)

1.3.8    Refund

A refund will not be given in other circumstances which include, but are not limited to:

  • accommodation that is not according to taste.
  • accommodation that is not in line with religious ideology.
  • accommodation that has noise complaints.
  • accommodation that is not suitable to the Member because of medical reasons.
  • accommodation that has a minor malfunction that could not have been known in advance.
  • the Member is hindered in coming to the accommodation because of a change of plans, travel delays, illness or having made a double-booking.
  • the Member has not followed check-in instructions or does not show up by any reason.
  • the Member fails to report the issue within the first 24 hours after the move-in date registered on the platform.


The Member must inform Nestor Living within 24 hours after the start of their stay. The Member must substantiate his claim and provide visual proof (pictures, videos). If Nestor Living finds, at its own discretion, the Member claim to be convincing, it will refund the rent and the fees charged by Nestor Living to the Member. If the Member does not inform Nestor Living about any problems within 24 hours from the start of the stay, the Member is expected to have agreed with the room as it is. Nestor Living will not refund the charges.

1.3.9    Default of Payment

In the case of default in the payment of dues by a Member, the management shall have the lien on their luggage and belongings and be entitled to detain the same and to sell or auction such property if after informing the Member & the Reference provided by the member. The net sale proceeds will be appropriate towards the amount due by the Member without prejudice to the management’s rights to adopt such further recovery proceedings as may be required.



2       House Rules

From now on you start enjoying your new room.

Try to enter the apartment during business hours, we will notify your roommates (If any), so they know that you are moving on the agreed date.

Our goal is to create pleasant living spaces where people feel at home and have the opportunity to focus on their goals in an amazing city.

That is why we think a series of House Rules in the apartment will make your experience more pleasant. It is important that all Nesters respect them for comfort, safety, and a good atmosphere for everyone in the Coliving space. Disrespecting those guidelines for living together may lead to early termination of your contract.


2.1     During Stay

2.1.1    Pets, smoking and allergies

In most coliving properties, pets are not allowed. However, Nestor Living can guarantee that Nestor does not have pets on or nearby the property. Nestor Living assumes any responsibility for the Member’s allergic reactions in any coliving properties. If the Member brings a pet to a property where pets are not permitted or where Nestor’s permission to do so has not been received. Nestor shall be entitled to terminate the rental agreement with reference to (2.3) with immediate effect and the Member shall immediately vacate the property without further notice and with no refund. The Member is liable for any damage caused by pets under the existing damage agreement detailed in Section (2.3) and/or any superseding agreements specific to pets that may have been made at the time of booking. In most coliving properties, smoking is not allowed. Additional charges will be incurred if it is found that the Member has violated our non-smoking policy without prior permission.

2.1.2    Noise

Members are requested to keep the common space noise free after 10 P.M. Occasionally Member may experience unexpected noise from construction sites, traffic, etc. Nestor Living cannot be held accountable for unexpected noise. Multiple people occupy the coliving property, and a higher-than-normal tolerance for noise must be applied by all Member, especially during weekends. But Members are urged not cross a certain threshold (please see House Rule 3)

2.1.3    Hazardous Items

The Member shall not keep on the Premises any item of a dangerous, flammable, or explosive character that might unreasonably increase the danger of fire or explosion on the Premises or that might be considered hazardous or extra hazardous by any responsible insurance company.


2.1.4    Maintenance

Nestor may enter the Premises at reasonable times to make necessary repairs or changes required to make or to supply the utilities or services they have agreed to supply. They may also enter the Premises to show the Premises to potential or actual Member, workers, or contractors. In case of any kind of repair or maintenance request for the apartment please call our Residence Supervisor at 01905411801 or call our Service Assistant at 01905411806 or 01905411807. You can also find a QR code in the apartment for easy access to the complaint form, you are requested to fill it and submit.

2.1.5    Cleaning & Housekeeping

Nestor maintains a keep clean philosophy, we intend to clean & housekeep individual rooms twice a week. Our Cleaning schedules can be found on the notice boards, or simply you can refer to our Residence Supervisor for your date. In case of emergency housekeeping requests, you can reach our Residence Supervisor at 01905411801 for an appointment with the cleaners.

To maintain a clean and tidy Environment, Nestor may call you for permission to use the emergency key to open your room while you are not present in your room for housekeeping, cleaning, and repairs.



3       Laundry Service Policy

3.1     Our Terms and Conditions

Rest assured; your satisfaction is our priority. In fact, we treat your laundry as if it were our own, however we still need to agree to some rules to ensure that there are no misunderstandings about Nestor’s Laundry Service (referred to as “we,” “us,” “our”, or “Nestor’s Laundry Service”) or your obligations and responsibilities. By using our service, you acknowledge and accept the following Terms and Conditions.

3.2     Suitability for Laundering

By using our service, you agree that your clothes are suitable to be washed in water, on a normal cycle, and dried using heat in a tumble dryer. We cannot be responsible for any damage to clothing that is not suitable for this standard laundering process.

3.3     Laundry Quota:

Here’s the amount of Complimentary Laundry Items that Each Members can avail. Nestor will wash & iron the clothing items & return as per schedule (Pickup on call is available) –

Premium Single Room (PSR)10 Pieces of Clothes per Week

Classic Single Room (CSR) – 10 Pieces of Clothes per Week

Budget Single Room (BSR) 8 Pieces of Clothes per Week

Classic Double Room (CDR)6 Pieces of Clothes per Week

Standard Double Room (SDR) 6 Pieces of Clothes per Week

3.4     Damaged Laundry

We will do everything we can to avoid damaging your laundry. Unfortunately, there are limitations to what we can do. For example, we don’t have time to check your pockets to see if you have left anything in them. Therefore, we can’t be held responsible if something left in your laundry (like nail polish, chewing gum, or a pen) causes any damage. Similarly, if you call and tell us that you left your favorite ring, or anything else, in your pocket, we can’t guarantee that we will find or be able to return it. But if found will be duly returned to you.

It is not possible for us to inspect every item for damage or its prior condition upon receiving it. We wash many articles of clothing that are damaged in some form or another for members every day. You the member therefore agree to not hold us liable for any damages based on the condition of clothing after we deliver it back to you, as a condition of using our services. If you do not accept these terms in full, then you can cancel your order without penalty up to one hour prior to your pick-up time. After you have us pick-up your laundry, you agree to accept these terms in full and agree to not hold us liable for any damages. We still want to be sure there isn’t something we did to cause any damage so if you find something you didn’t recognize prior, we need to hear from you within 24 Hours of delivery in order for us to investigate it promptly. We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to reimburse someone for up to 10 times the cost of what we charged to wash a particular article. If we choose to do this, you will need to be able to provide proof of purchase with a written copy of the receipt.

All laundering processes, regardless of how gentle, cause normal wear and tear on clothing. As a result, we cannot be responsible for any wear and tear of laundry, including loss of buttons, fading, fatiguing, holes, or abrasions. Similarly, we reserve the right to decline cleaning any piece of laundry if we think it will lead to trouble.

Cleaning and drying laundry also creates other risks. As stated earlier, we do not individually examine every garment prior to placing it in the laundry. Therefore, if something is “dry-clean only,” or otherwise unsuitable for common washing and drying techniques, please do not include it in the laundry you give to us.

We wash all items together as our standard procedure. If you prefer, and notify us ahead of time, we can wash items separately. It is preferred you separate before dropping your clothes off however we can also do the separation for you. Along the same lines, we can’t be held responsible for the re-disposition of colors (aka bleeding) or dimensional changes (aka shrinking or stretching)

3.5 Stain Removal

We do NOT offer stain removal services however we do offer a “Color Safe” bleach alternative that is made for tough stains, and we can add that if requested into your order. Many common stains do come out during our normal washing however we make no claims or guarantees that we will be able to remove any of them as we only provide basic washing and drying services.

3.6     Lost Laundry

We would love to be able to inventory every piece of laundry you give us. Unfortunately, it is cost-prohibitive for us to do so. As a result, we can’t be held responsible for any lost laundry; we simply have no efficient way of verifying that we actually received any particular piece of laundry in the first place. Rest assured though; we carefully track your clothes. For instance, we tag your clothes with your sales slip, and your clothes are never lost in our facility unless they’re inside a machine, on the folding table with us present, or locked in our office. If you do believe you are missing something from your delivery, please notify us within 24 hours of receiving your clean clothes back — we are much more likely to find misplaced laundry if it is reported early. You agree that by using our services that if you are not home during delivery, that it is OK for us to leave your order by the front door. You further agree that any loss, stolen, or damaged laundry as a result of the pick-up or delivery process is not our fault and you agree that you accept full responsibility for your laundry during these times.

3.7     Minimum Fee (Per Piece Washing)

Excessive of the Quota

  • Per piece 20TK for Washing & Ironing and 5 TK for Ironing

We do have a minimum weight limit for “drop off” laundry (you drop it off at our store) of 5.5 Kgs. If you have less than 5.5 Kgs., we’re happy to wash your clothes but you will be charged for the minimal 5.5 Kgs. fee. With our “Free Pick Up and Delivery Service,” we have a minimum 100 order amount per visit. If you cancel your order after we have already picked up your laundry you will still be charged this minimum 100 fee to cover the cost of returning the laundry to you without servicing, it. Please take the time to weigh your clothes ahead of time so that you know what to expect regarding cost before placing an order and agreeing to both these terms/conditions as well as our pricing.

3.8     Pick-up and Delivery Scheduling

Nestor provides pick-up and delivery service between Merul Badda, Gudara Ghat, Titas Road, Madhya Badda Link Road, and every Area (New Areas are being added) in between these two. We will do our best to pick-up your laundry at the agreed upon time however sometimes things beyond our control (think Badda Link Road’s traffic) can cause delays. We don’t want to be late, however we can’t be held accountable if we are late for unforeseen circumstances. Similarly, we hope that you will strive to be on-time for our pick-ups and deliveries. If you do miss a pick-up or delivery, we will try to coordinate an alternate time as soon as possible.

A No Show is when we show up to your door, but you and your laundry aren’t around. In the case of a No Show, we reserve the right to charge a No-Show fee (100 Conditional). Keep in mind, there’s no fee if you cancel or reschedule 4 hours before the start of your pick-up or delivery time.

3.9     Unattended Pick-up and Delivery

If you request that we leave your laundry unattended (e.g., on your door, in a hallway) or with a third party (e.g., with your roommate), we are not responsible for your laundry before we have picked it up or after we have dropped it off. You also agree that our records of pick-up and drop-off times are true and exact.

3.10   Allergies

We offer and use “All Free and Clear” detergent for members with sensitive skin. However, we do wash clothes in shared washing machines where other detergents may have been used, and it is possible that lesser amounts of other detergents, which may not be hypoallergenic, may not be completely rinsed out of these washing machines.



4      Important Details

4.1 Reporting a complain/problem

In case of any complains and problems feel free to contact our Community Manager at 01905411800. If the problem persists and hasn’t been solved you can contact the Operations Team by the given QR Code or Complain letter box. Reporting the problem can only be made by you from the QR Code provided in every apartment or by following the link , where you must fill the form and successfully submit the requested information on the Complain form. Once the form is submitted the Operation Team of Nestor will work on the solution within 24 hours, if to solve the problem within the time period mentioned is not possible the Operations team will be in contact with you regarding the solutions.

4.2 Common Spaces & Common Kitchen

All members are requested to allow room for other people to use Community Spaces, The Common Kitchen Space & other common services.

4.2.1 Don’t be messy

When you’re coliving, you’re sharing a whole house with other people, so you have to be considerate. You don’t necessarily have to be a neat freak, but you should certainly be mindful of the messes you make and be willing to clean up after yourself.

If you’re coliving in a shared room, there’s a little extra cleaning for you to do, because you’ll have to be mindful of your bedroom as well as the common areas. Don’t leave your stuff all over the place. Instead, keep things neatly organized near your bed or utilize available closet space and drawers – they’re there for a reason! Keeping your own area tidy will set an example for your roommates to do the same.

4.2.2 Phone Usage

There are a couple different aspects to this, not just avoiding talking on the phone loudly in common area. Some examples include:


  • Call and notification sounds – loud ringers or text message alert sounds can be really distracting to others who are working or sleeping. Avoid putting your ringer on the highest volume, and if you’re in the coworking space, put your text messages onto silent or vibrate so everyone doesn’t get distracted every time a “ding” goes off.
  • Alarms – This one’s big for shared rooms, especially. There are few things worse than hearing that dreaded iPhone alarm sound over and over when you’re trying to sleep. If you’re used to hitting snooze 5 times at home, don’t continue that habit when you’re coliving. One and done! Turn that alarm off ASAP if there’s another person (or multiple people) in your shared room still sleeping.
  • Taking calls – If you’re taking a call, whether it’s business or personal, head outside so you don’t distract others who are trying to work or sleep.


4.3 Damage


4.3.1 Your Responsibility

You shall responsibly treat the accommodation and must return it in the same condition as it was received.


4.3.2 Your Liability

You are liable to Nestor for any damage to the coliving property and/or its inventory/furniture/appliances or facilities committed during the rental period. Damage to the coliving property and/or its inventory made during the rental period must immediately be reported to Nestor. You shall not make any changes in the Premises or change the appearance of any walls, floors, carpeting, windows, doors, appliances, or fixtures within your room or common areas

Any claim by Nestor regarding damage made during the rental period, whether the Member has reported such damage or whether it has been otherwise ascertained, can be made up to 24 hours Before the latest check-out time. The check-out time is taken to be the latest check-out time as specified in the Member Leave Form regardless of whether you have agreed to another check-out time with Nestor. The check-out time zone is the time zone of the Property.


4.4 Roof Timings

Keeping security in mind, the standard closing time for the rooftop is at 11:59PM and will be opened only after 6AM. In order to get access to the rooftop the member is requested to submit an application to the Community manager before 6pm on the following day. Please



4.5 Guest Rules

4.5.1 Meet Ups

You are free to bring your friends and relatives for meetups. But the rules (5.1.3) apply to the guest, and their access to our facility is limited to the lobby.


4.5.2 Overnight Guests

In emergency situations a member can on board a guest for e days only – with approval from the Community Manager. The member will be asked to fill a Guest boarding application along with their NID and submit it to the Community Manager 72 hours before the arrival of the guest.

4.5.3 Family Guests

A member’s blood related family member is allowed for 3 days, the parents of the member require no submission of documents. While any other blood related family member is required to submit their respective NID to the Community Manager. The arrival of the members’ guests are to be announced 72 hours before to the community manager.



5     Community Guidelines

When you booked for stay at Nestor, you likely agreed to our house policies, so make sure you follow the rules that you agreed to. House rules are there to keep things in order and following them can help everything go smoothly.

5.1 Community Rules to abide by

5.1.1 Safety of Members & Staff

Behavioral Conduct that threatens the safety of other Member, staff, or community members is not accepted. Possession of or threatened use of a weapon. Causing reasonable apprehension of harm to any person in the community.

5.1.2 Unsafe Community Behaviors

They may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Conduct that threatens the safety of other Member, staff, or community members.
  2. Possession of or threatened use of a weapon.
  3. Climbing the roof or walls of any building or trees.
  4. Causing reasonable apprehension of harm to any person in the community.
  5. Any discriminatory harassment or sexual misconduct.
  6. Theft of or destruction of premises or other community members’ property.
  7. Sex, nudity, voyeurism, or lewd behavior on property or at events.
  8. Watching pornographic material in Communal Areas.
  9. Discriminatory or marginalizing language or behavior.
  10. Illegal drug possession (According to the Government) or use on property or at events.
  11. Committing any felony during your stay.
  12. Tampering with CCTV or security devices

5.1.3 House Timings & Usage Rules’

  1. Main Gate will be open from 6 am to Midnight. In case anyone need to enter the property after midnight you need to inform Community Manager or House Attendant beforehand.
  2. Lift will be switched off from 1 am to 6 am and 3 pm to 4 pm.
  • Between 10:00pm & 10:00am, it’s best not to make a noise in the premises, even if you and your members are having an argument about an upcoming meeting or you are celebrating a successful negotiation. Almost all Houses are poorly sound-proofed, so you risk disturbing the repose of your neighbors. 
  1. A point concerns the bedroom doors: usually, they are very heavy and if you don’t hold the door when you close it, the sound of the slam will be audible throughout the floor.
  2. The rooftop will be closed after 11:59 PM
  3. The last time for ordering Lunch is at 11AM
  • The Last Time for ordering Dinner is at 5PM
  • The (Nes)Tong will remain close at 2pm to 4pm and the shop will close after 11pm while re-opening at 10 AM


5.1.4 Fire Safety Protocols

Violations of the Fire Safety Policy, including:

    1. Interfering with, misusing, tampering with or damaging fire safety equipment.
    2. Smoking inside of any building, including balconies. All smoking on the property should be in the designated smoking area only.
    3. Unauthorized burning of any material on the property, including but not limited to incense and candles.
    4. Disregarding a fire alarm signal or refusing to evacuate a building.
    5. Recklessly or intentionally activating an alarm when an emergency situation does not exist.
    6. Interfering with, misusing, tampering with or damaging, any electronic device.
    7. Blocking an egress path or windows.



5.2 Bathroom Etiquette

Showing respect and consideration in terms of both manners and hygiene matter in a common bathroom as following these rules can help improve the coliving experience

5.2.1 Patience is polite

When you really need to go, but all the bathrooms are occupied. We’re all trying our best to be quick with answering nature’s call but knocking on a door incessantly won’t help anyone finish faster. Instead, knock just once, and more often than not, the person inside will sense your urgency and call out to you that they’ll be just a minute. If that doesn’t work, then try to find another bathroom on a different floor.

5.2.2 But don’t test people’s patience

Washroom etiquette entails that you be quick with conducting your business. Try to be in and out quickly, so as to not keep anyone else waiting unnecessarily. And though we all love scrolling mindlessly to pass the time on the porcelain throne, it’s advised that you leave it at your desk to avoid getting sucked into the virtual vortex in the first place.

5.2.3 Respect people’s privacy

A bathroom is the most private space you let yourself be vulnerable in daily. No one expects that they’ll have someone peep in on them from over or under the bathroom door. Simply knocking or calling out to the person inside is sufficient if you need to get a message across.

5.2.4 Sanitation and safety

It should be just as much of an unwritten rule that people clean up after themselves properly and with consideration for the next person who will be using the bathroom facilities.

5.2.5 Flushing

It can be a queasy experience to walk into a bathroom and discover that the previous user didn’t flush. So don’t be that person – always flush after using the toilet, and flush twice if you really need to. It’s true that you may be unlucky enough to encounter some common plumbing problems, which is why the flush doesn’t function properly. But in such a case, alert the cleaning staff immediately, and try to stick a note on the door to alert others that the cubicle in question is under maintenance.

5.2.6 Wash your hands

Washing your hands is basic office washroom etiquette, because when you touch contaminated surfaces like the toilet seat, flush, and even the door handles, you come into contact with bacteria that could cause infection and disease. And as you interact with others through the day, you would effectively spread the same germs to others. Wash your hands after using the loo with soap to lower risks of infection around the house.



6.1 Miscellaneous

If any discrepancy between these Terms and any other written agreement made between the Member and Nestor Living, these Terms shall prevail. If there is any discrepancy between the English and any translated version of these Terms (due to translation or mistakes etc.), the English version will prevail. Nestor Living has communicated all information, including photos, descriptions, and facilities in the product feed available to Sales Channels as accurately as possible. Nestor Living is not liable for any errors by Sales Channels in displaying this information on their websites. As coliving properties may be privately owned, changes might occur in the information given. Nestor Living shall not be responsible for such changes. We recommend you thoroughly read the information and details of the Booking Details page as they form part of these Terms for Member. 


6.2 Extraordinary Events or Force majeure

If the rental completion is made impossible or difficult to a significant degree due to events/ force majeure. In case of war, natural disasters, pollution disasters, drought, other extraordinary weather conditions, epidemics, the closing of borders, traffic conditions, the interruption of currency trading, strikes, lockouts, and similar force majeure which were not foreseeable at the time when the rental agreement was entered into, Nestor Living shall be entitled to cancel the rental agreement as Nestor Living can be held liable in the above cases.