About Badda: 

One of Dhaka’s most dynamic areas, Badda was created in 1998 when Cantonment Thana and Gulshan Thana were divided. The neighborhoods of Middle Badda, South Badda, Merul Badda, Tekpara, Merul, Sonakatra, Baithkali, the DIT Project, East Merul Badda, Ananda Nagar, and Aftabnagar make up Middle & South Badda, which is part of the larger Badda region. Pragati Sarani is the epicenter of this busy neighborhood’s business district. The DIT Project and Aftabnagar are only two of the many residential construction initiatives now under way nearby. Moreover, the area’s proximity to Hatirjheel makes it convenient to get to not just nearby Gulshan and Niketan, but also further afield places like Kawran Bazar and Banglamotor in the heart of Dhaka. 



South Badda is a dynamic neighborhood with bustling streets close to the main road and quieter residential areas further inland, such as Aftabnagar. There are a lot of homes here, and they’re all quite cheap. Its proximity to commercial centers like Gulshan, Baridhara, and Kawran Bazar also makes it a desirable place to call home for those who work nearby. Hatirjheel’s convenient connections make living in Middle and South Badda a breeze for locals. Although the value of homes in the neighborhood is rising, they are still within reach of most people. As a result, it’s a wise financial move. When compared to the rest of Dhaka, Aftabnagar stands out as a unique and desirable residential neighbourhood in Middle and South Badda. It’s a quiet neighborhood with broad streets and neatly laid out buildings. As a result, it’s an excellent area to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dhaka metropolis. 



Middle and South Badda are two of Dhaka’s most conveniently located areas in terms of public transit. To begin, Pragati Sarani and the Gulshan-Badda Link Road are two of the roadways that provide access to the neighborhoods. In addition, Dhaka is serviced by an abundance of buses that go to and from the city’s many neighborhoods. The rickshaw is the best mode of transportation for getting around the narrow streets and lanes of Middle and South Badda. Finally, residents of Middle and South Badda may reach Niketan and Gulshan through Hatirjheel, expanding their travel options across Central Dhaka. The Hatirjheel Circular Bus Service and the Hatirjheel Water Taxi are two of the island’s public transportation options. Services like this are speedy, convenient, and time-saving since they shorten the amount of time spent traveling between certain points. Dhaka’s MRT Line-1 (Airport Rail Link) will extend service to Middle and South Badda. 


Educational Institute:

The neighborhood is home to a plethora of prestigious educational facilities. Aftabnagar is home to the most prominent of these schools, East West University. In addition to its main campus in Dhaka, Canadian University of Bangladesh also has a satellite location in South Badda. Merul Badda is also the site of construction for the new campus of BRAC University, one of the top private universities in the country. Badda High School and the Baridhara Branch of Islamic International School & College are only two of the many schools in the neighborhood

Religious Institute: 

Middle and South Badda have many of options for places of worship close to where they live. Shimultola Mosjid is located just by our Banyan House. In addition to the DIT Project Area, the neighborhood is also home to a number of other mosques, the most impressive of which is the Baitul Rahman Jame Masjid. Merul Badda is home to Hindu Temples called the Durga Mandir (or Merul Badda Durga Mandir) & Nimtoli Mandir. Merul Badda is also home to a Buddhist monastery. There are no churches in the immediate region for Christians to visit, but the North Badda neighborhood is home to many, including the Baridhara Baptist Church

Medical Institute: 


Residents in Middle and South Badda have access to a number of medical centers equipped to handle a wide range of urgent care and routine medical requirements. An office of Labaid Diagnostics may be found at Merul Badda. Middle Badda is home to Lions Eye Hospital, Merul Badda to AIMS Hospital, and Aftabnagar to Union Specialized Hospital. Moreover, Middle and South Badda are replete with pharmacies serving the region’s many neighborhoods. Also United Hospital is only 19 minutes away from our Banyan house.

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